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Those working in the field of energy usually begin their speech by emphasizing the importance of energy in our lives. Undisputed Energy has a very important place in our lives. Not only in our daily lives; there is no area where energy is not effective and decisive, from inter-country relations to the construction of the future of societies. Even when we look only at our immediate environment, the energy scenarios in the Eastern Mediterranean, the global concentration on the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves, the importance of energy becomes even more understandable.

Mensis Energy

Our country is undoubtedly taking important steps in the field of energy.
On the one hand, having an energy junction in natural gas, on the other hand, investing in reducing external dependence on energy and paying attention to renewable resources are just a few of the steps taken… the country’s installed power in electricity is approaching 100 thousand MW.

The private sector’s share in the formation of this established power is increasing.

Countries must use energy efficiently to be advantageous in global competition and ensure sustainable development.

Countries that use energy efficiently will be economically successful and in a leading position in competition.

In general, three titles come to the fore in the concept of safe energy:– Efficiency- Digitalization- Replicating renewable resources.

Digitalization creates serious advantages in distribution, transmission and production operations and contributes significantly to continuous, high-quality energy delivery.

The global world is making significant strides in its renewable resource facility.
In solar energy systems, where our investment plans will continue to increase shortly, the cost of plant investment offers significant advantages.

Looking at the prices that appeared in the latest mini YEKA auctions, roof-top GES applications have become even more favourable.

Mensis Energy has been proud to implement many projects as EPC in roof GES applications. In many provinces, we work as a contractor for electricity distribution investments that millions of our citizens benefit from.
We are building private sector energy facilities.

We advise domestic and foreign investors on the nature, concept and region of the investment in production investments.

Mensis Group Chairman
Abdullah ATALAY


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